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This is prob the last post on this blog. I guess I don’t like blogging as much as  I did. It was fun while it lasted though. I would love to get comments from you and I will sure read them all and reply of course.. But no more new posts.

I would love to hear from you all, though I’m sure there are hardly any viewers. Probobly none.

So I guess I should get to the end and just say it clearly.. Bye, and I would Gladly read the comments if anyone has any. It would brighten my day =D

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I am finally baaaack! Yay!! I know you are all happy that I am and I sure you miss me all! No need for the tears! 😆

K, I know you all are actually pissed off that I haven’t been posting since umm December 18!! Woow :shocked:

So how have I been? great actually! but how have you all been?

I honestly miss you ALL! And i am going to begin to post again.. First thing i am going to do is change a few things around the site cuz it’s all ‘old’ now!

I am very happy to be back and will be posting again *tears of joy* 😛

Bye for now

~ Beauty101 ~

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Computer Engineers Suck

I just relized that computer engineers suck. I mean my laptop has been with the guy for a week now and he hasnt returned it yet. I am posting this from my cellphone again. I cant post too much cause it would take forever.

To get straight into the subject i want to say what new stuff have happened to me. I finished my tests and i bought a new cellphone. Thats about it.

Right now my cousin is over. She is my age but she doesnt act anything like how she should for her age. I mean she is 13years old and she is playing with my 9 year old sister rather than playing or talking to me.

Later we are going out to have dinner in a restaurant. I cant wait, cause i dont know whatelse i can do with my cousin. I mean she has been playing monoply for 3 hours now /literally/ and eventually she is going to get bored. I have been playing on my cellphone and surfing the net for some time now acting like its something important just so i dont have to play monoply anymore!!!!

I am going to end this post now so i can go play monoply, she has been trying to see what i am doing but i keep hiding my phone… And i think she is sad now. Gotta go?

Question of the post:
Do you have any family that annoy you but you have to deal with them anyway????

– if i can dig 1 hole in 6 days, and my sister can dug 1 hole in 12 days.. How many days would it take if both of us dug 1 hole ‘together’?

This one is easy but i couldnt think of anything else since i dont have a fast internet to search for a hard one

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Happy Thanksgiving!

So this will be my last post for at least 4 days! I probably won’t comment on any other blogs too. I know, it’s sad for you. But I have a whole week set up and I know everything that is going to happen for the next week!

I will talk about what happened later.. not now 😆

So what happened today.. hmm.. At school I am super mad at my science teacher (the same one who got married to the principals son or my English teachers brother). 👿 and I am shocked to know my chemistry teacher is way different than we thought he was… More EVIL! 😛

After I came back from school, I had lunch. As usual. Right now I am watching 2012. I heard it was a great movie. 😉 I have been watching a bunch of movies lately. But it is mostly because we bought a lot of movies that we wanted to watch and now we are watching them. 😀

I am not seeing it in the cinema like most of you did, because I don’t think they play them in the cinema. They only play Arabic movies.. which I hate! 😦

Oh and I forgot to tell you, those who remember that I was in a fight with my friend. Well, everything is back to normal. She apologized in front of my whole class and I couldn’t say no after her doing that. I know, I know. I said that I said I would never forgive her. 😕 But I just couldn’t, who could after she puts you in that kind of situation. 😕

Anyway, I have to go. I will miss you ALL this week.. Oh, and before I forget Happy Thanksgiving! 😉

Question of the post:
What is your favorite color of all the colors? (random question :-P)


Riddle of the post:
A man was to be sentenced, and the judge told him, "You may make a statement. If it is true, I’ll sentence you to four years in prison. If it is false, I’ll sentence you to six years in prison." After the man made his statement, the judge decided to let him go free. What did the man say? – OoOoOh, Tricky! :mrgreen:

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Probably Not Going To Post For A While

Yup, like the title says… I know, depressing 😛

I can’t post for a while because Eid is soo close and I have been busy with it and because our second tests are after Eid. 😦

Anyway, yesterday the principal went to all the classes in my school and told everyone what subjects they were bad in and needed some work on!

Then he started yelling at all the people who were bad in different subjects. Then he sent text messages to all their parents! 😕

Luckily, I had no subjects that I was bad in, but my friends were sooo mad at the principal. Some of them cried. Some of them were just rude to him… 😥

Also… Today, I have been busy with homework. I also have to prepare a French lesson on Powerpoint because I am going to give it to the class. And the poster my friends and I made when they came over, AND my English teacher told me to get her a few quotes, poems, songs, and stuff like that that are educational.

I have been searching for those stuff for hours and I just finished my French lesson. I am so bored now. 😥

Btw, I thought I would say this just for fun (because I thought of it when I wrote about Eid) This is how you spell Eid in Arabic: 😛




I made that big so you could see it, lol :O

Anyway, I am going to turn the laptop off because I have been working on it for hours. I also have a small quiz tomorrow, that is easy, but needs studying and I have homework! My homework hours never end 😦

And I just noticed that if you compare the Syrian education with other educations around the world the Syrian education is the hardest..

But the only thing that is hard in it is that they don’t count on you understanding. 😦 In Syria, you have to study the sentence like it is written in the book. When they bring a question and you write what you understood it is counted wrong. 😥

The only right answer is the answer that is written exactly like how it is written in the book. Which is the most thing I hate. I can’t study ANYTHING like that. The only thing I am good at is writing what I understand. But I have to so since the past 3 years I have been here I got used to it. 😀

But it still takes me longer than all my friends! Which sucks! 😛

I promise I will try to post.. I will try, honestly. But with the tests coming up and everyone giving us a lot to study I really have been busy with them. I will try tomorrow or the day after. At least before the tests come, then you won’t have any posts until they finish.

And today I decided to add riddle of the post, after question of the post.. They are going to be hard! VERY HARD! 😆 Be prepared!

Question of the post: 
   Which subject in school is that hardest? (in your opinion) :mrgreen:

Riddle of the post: 😯
What row of numbers comes next in this series?

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Great Friday

So right now my dad, brother, sister, and I are watching the Saw 6.. We are only at the beginning. The blood is disgusting.. It’s all killing ppl and stuff. 😦

Today, I went to my grandparents house and had lunch. After that my cousins and I went walking. We had fun 😀

Then my cousin and I wanted to go out together away from home, So we told my dad and her dad. My dad said that he would take us out if we wanted.:-) But after a few minutes someone from work called him and said it was an emergency and he had to go to work :-(  (He’s a pediatrician – I think that’s how you spell it :mrgreen:)

So we were sad because we really wanted to go out so we go and tell our moms. Then my mom said she would take us out. She called my aunt and all 4 of us went shopping! Yay! 🙂

We had fun shopping (who wouldn’t? well, unless your a guy.. :-P)

Then I came back home and here I am watching a movie.. Was my day great or what?!? :mrgreen:

I have no idea what the movie that we are watching is about. 😛 Because every time I plan to watch a part of it I dose off in writing this post.

Also, sorry I haven’t been writing for some time… been busy, you know.

In a week it’s Eid! Remember a few months ago I said it’s Eid? Well, now it’s the second Eid. The first one is Eid for Ramadan. Because we would fast for a month than celebrate Eid. That Eid is 3 days. This one there is no Ramadan, and it is for 4 days!

I bought new clothes and everything. Today, while shopping, I bought the last piece of my clothes.. Earrings and bracelets 🙂

In Eid they give you money! That is my favorite part of it!:-D Anyway, after Eid we have tests at school. Ugh! How could they put tests after Eid??? That is so cruel! Eid is about having fun, going out, and all the fun stuff. NOT about studying! 😦

I am not going to study… I will study after the 4th day. I mean you only have 2 Eids in a year, right? 😕

Well, I gotta go and watch some of the movie. Maybe I’ll understand something. 😆

Question of the post?
What is the most scariest movie you have EVER seen?

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Father, Daughter talk??

Have you ever had a long ‘talk’ with your dad when he keeps giving you advice? It’s like he expects you to do something bad very soon.

Yesterday and today has been like that. He keeps giving me advice as if I am going to do something HORRIBLE! and besides the advice he keeps talking to me about politics and stuff like that. 😕

I’m not saying I don’t like talking to him but it’s freaking me out. I mean I talk to my dad a lot but usually it’s for like 1 hour, and not two days in a row. 😛 Yesterday we talked for almost 3 hours (about doing bad things in life then regretting it later as I grow up) and 2 hours today (talking about politics and stuff).

Anyway, Today nothing really happened. The only thing on my mind now is.. study, study, study! 😦 Tomorrow I am going out to watch a movie with my friends 😀 and the day after my friends are coming over because we have this project for school, and we have to work on it. 🙂

I don’t think we are going to work THAT hard because we always start opening other subjects to talk about other than the project… 😆

I don’t have anything else to talk about today cause as you can see my day was boring and nothing really happened 😆

~ Question of the post:
Have you ever had those awkward moments with your parents where they don’t act like they usually do?

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A Whole Family Owns The School

So… To explain the title..

So my principal, decided to get married while I was in 5th grade.. He married this lady who has two kids.. a son and a daughter. 🙂 The two kids both work at the school, the daughter is my English teacher and the son is the schools engineer. (5th grade)

In sixth grade the daughter falls in love 🙂 with the school doctor and they get married. (sixth grade)

In seventh grade my social studies/history teachers get married. 😯

In eighth grade (this year) the *son* falls in love with the science teacher and they get married –yesterday :-D- so my school is now owned by my principal, English teacher, School Engineer, School doctor, Science teacher. :mrgreen:

My school is like the hookup school for the teachers.. 😛 Whoever is single and can teach should come to my school they will fall in love and get married because all the teachers have seem to have that happen to them.. :mrgreen:


Anyway, today is my brothers birthday. We didn’t really celebrate. We decided on November 20 we will celebrate. The main reason is because my brothers bday is on November 15, my cousins bday is on November 20, and my uncles bday is on November 29. 😛 So every year we celebrate all three of them on the same day. 😀

If it was my birthday instead of my brothers I would NOT let them do that. I mean it’s my birthday and I want to celebrate it on the exact day.

And if I celebrate it on my OWN day, I would get my own attention and more presents.. right? :mrgreen: But my brother thinks it’s so cool and it’s better if he stays that way.

Question of the post:
    Which song would you think is the BEST song you ever heard.. I’m not only talking about 2009 but about every year, even if the song was before you were born!!! 😛

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I guess Twitter is… I wasn’t a big fan until I actually tried it. I really don’t get the whole point of Twitter, I mean what do you do besides talk to your friends? You can do that on msn/yahoo right?

And if you say Twitter is for meeting new people.. well, there are a lot of chats for meeting new people.

Following people isn’t much fun, and following the ‘famous’ people isn’t much fun cause when they’re not singing or acting they are just normal people like me and you. and their updates aren’t that exciting. Mostly they are about you buying their new cd.. or they just came off the plane.. or stuff like that!

I don’t have much to say about Twitter cause every1 knows it AND likes it.. so I am going to stay quiet here..

If you have a Twitter.. tell me what you like about it and what you hate about it

(btw.. if you haven’t noticed this post wasn’t about me!!! success!)

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Long Post o.O

Just incase you were wondering, my friend and I are still fighting, well we stopped screaming at each other. Now we aren’t talking at all! They say a real friend is someone you can’t stop talking to, well I haven’t been talking to her for sometime now, so I guess she isn’t a true friend. 😦

Anyway, I hope you like the Arabic Alphabet page! It wasn’t my idea to make a page like that it was my brothers. 😛

I have been working on a school project, I have to make a French poster. I don’t have to make it but I am anyway. My friend and I are working on it and I hope we finish it in time!

You know how I had exams, well I got a “report card” which is printed paper which they call a report card with all my marks on it. 😆 I did a pretty good job but who wouldn’t with all that studying! 😯

What I hate the post is thinking about what to write about in my posts. When I open the “new post” page I just blink 😆 for a few seconds just thinking about what to write about. I just redo my day to write about something that happened to me.. Does that happen to you or is it only me? 😕

And… I am going to go visit Turkey! 🙂 I am going to go in a week or so. I’m not going to stay a long time there but I am excited to go! 😀

Also, Since my marks were good for this past test I told my parents to get me a new cell phone. The one I have now has been with me for a year and I am bored with it! 😦 They are still thinking of my request. Hope they agree!

This post was really LONG so I guess it’s time to end it! My life isn’t that interesting for such long posts but I am posting anyway 😛

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